The unprecedented level of liquidity in the financial system and the low interest environment could influence the attractiveness of savings products, on the one hand, and the quality of credit products, on the other. This will result in an increase in risk appetite in search of a better return on financial investments for savers, on the one hand, but possibly also more relaxed lending conditions, on the other hand, including for consumers, which could mean potential losses, higher over-indebtedness, increased NPLs and a slow financial recovery of households. It is also necessary to remember the rapid pace of technological change and society's growing dependence on additional accelerated digital technologies as a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis. Therefore emerge the need to balance the performance or efficiency of digital technology with ethics and sustainability in various areas including financial services for consumers, and the the need of rules and regulations necessary to prevent new technologies used in financial services from causing financial harm to consumers. Related to the pandemic, I must mention also, the need of ethical insurance in the Era of COVID-19.