Romanians who have suspended their monthly installments will be reported to the Credit Bureau

Romanian consumers who have resorted to the facility offered by the state to postpone rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have postponed their monthly rates will be reported by creditors to the Credit Bureau. However, the Credit Bureau and

Consumers of financial services in Romania need relief during and post pandemic times

In Romania, many consumers are at risk of being directly impacted by the global economic downturn. Households are increasingly under pressure, not only due to the sanitary impacts of the coronavirus crisis, but also because of its financial implications. 


Measures to Mitigate the Negative Impact of COVID-19 in Romania

The coronavirus pandemic has created a global framework in which governments can act in support of businesses and individuals. The wide-spread of COVID-19 has generated significant challenges for the society and higher risks for the economic outlook. Romania was in a

Rebuilding the future

Over-indebtedness was already a problem for many people in the European Union. The current pandemic-induced crisis has a severe impact on household earnings and debt. After the period in which the natural persons debtors to banks and non-banking institutions (but

Viitorul e clădit acum

Monica Calu EESC 269x480Supra-îndatorarea era deja o problemă pentru mulți oameni din Uniunea Europeană. Criza actuală indusă de pandemie are un impact sever asupra câștigurilor și a    datoriilor gospodăriilor. După ce va trece perioada în care datornicii la bănci și IFN-uri (dar și IMM-urile)

Curtea de Justiție a Uniunii Europene a dat dreptate consumatorilor spanioli

Băncile spaniole s-ar putea confrunta cu cereri de despăgubiri de miliarde de euro după ce Curtea de Justiție a Uniunii Europene a emis astăzi o hotărâre cu privire la modul în care au stabilit ratele ipotecare.
Curtea de Justiție

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